Our Plan Includes

WordPress Updates

There are four critical components to any WordPress website – core, themes, plugins and translations – each of which needs constant observation to ensure a safe and speedy website. We will monitor available updates for each component and push them to your site as they are released, thereby keeping your site fully updated and secure. And, if something goes wrong, we can easily roll back your website so there is no interruption.

Website Backups

We will make a full backup of your website prior to making any updates. That way, should anything go wrong with the update, we can immediately rollback to the prior version and begin investigating the issue. Once we’re confident of a successful installation, we will try again. 

Uptime/Downtime Monitor

It’s hard to get visitors if your website is down. If your site goes down, we will send you an email so you can begin investigating the cause. Less downtime = more happy customers!

Security Checks

We test all our websites for different vulnerabilities and take steps to correct them. 

PageSpeed Checks

Having a speedy website is not only important for SEO, but is also necessary for visitor happiness. We will test your site and provide you with your PageSpeed score for both desktop and mobile, so you can work on improvements.

 Wordfence Monitoring

We are able to monitor intrusion attempts and other problems by connecting our service to the Wordfence plugin on your site. With its early warning system, Wordfence lets us know when there is a vulnerable plugin that needs our urgent attention.

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